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X is the seed plant in which the seeds remain exposed over the surface of the megasporophylls because the latter are not folded to form pistils.
Which of the following is not a regular feature of the given plant X?

Naked seeds
Perennial plant
Distinct branches
Xylem with vessels

detailed solution

Correct option is D

According to the given characteristics X is a gymnosperm. Gymnosperms are perennial plants which possess naked seeds. Most of the gymnosperms have branched stem (Pinus, Cedrus) and some have unbranched (Cycas). Xylem generally lacks vessels and phloem is devoid of companion cells and sieve tubes.

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Consider the following statements regarding gymnosperms and choose the correct option.
I. In gymnosperms, the male and female gametophytes have an independent existence.
II. In gymnosperms, the multicellular female gametophyte is retained within the megasporangium.
III. The gymnosperms are heterosporous.

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