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Trends in Atomic Properties & Physical Properties

A, B, C, D , E and F are the elements belonging to Second group of Modern periodic table. The correct trend of reducing power for these elements in aqueous solution is  A = F > C > D > E>B. The element ‘A’ in the sequence is


A) Atomic radius…Be<Mg<Ca<Sr<Ba<Ra;

B) IP1…..Be>Mg>Ca>Sr>Ra>Ba;

C) EN…..Be>Mg>Ca=Sr>Ba>Ra;

D) MP…Be>Ca>Sr>Ba>Ra>Mg ;

E) BP…Be>Ba>Ra>Ca>Sr>Mg ;

F) Density…..Ra>Ba>Sr>Be>Mg>Ca ;

G) Abundance in Earth's crust….Ca>Mg>Ba>Sr>Be>Ra ;

H) Hydration Enthalpy….Be2+>Mg2+>Ca2+>Sr2+>Ba2+

I) EM2+/M° values are negative.

Most negative for Ra=Ba and least negative for Be.

J) ERa2+/Ra°(most negative)=EBa2+/Ba°<ESr2+/Sr°<ECa2+/Ca°<EMg2+/Mg°<EBe2+/Be°least negative

Best reducing agent is Ra=Ba, best oxidant is Be2+;

K) Reducing power…Be<Mg<Ca<Sr<Ba=Ra ;

L) Oxidizing power… Be2+ > Mg2+ > Ca2+ > Sr2+ > Ba2+ = Ra2+ ;

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