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Covalent Bonding

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Based on VSEPR theory, the number of  F-Br-F angles which has close to 90 0 possible in a molecule of BrF5 will be _________


Hybridisation of Br in : BrF5=12(7+5)=6=sp3d2

Geometry = Octahedral
Due to one lp of e- 's, it has square pyramidal in shape.

It has eight (F-Br-F) bonds which are at 90°. There are

 1. F1BrF2     2. F2BrF3    3. F3BrF4

 4. F4BrF1    5. F1BrF5    6. F5BrF4

 7. F5BrF3    8. F5BrF2

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