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Oxoacids of Halogens

Bond angle is 1070 in


All oxo acids of Chlorine are monobasic….contain one O-H group/molecule ;

All the pi bonds in these acids or their oxanions are - bonds ;

In all oxo acids of Chlorine the hybridization of Chlorine atom is sp3 ;

Cl-O bond  order….ClO- 1<ClO2-1.5 <ClO2- 1.66<ClO4-1.75 ;

No resonance in Hypochlorite ion, two resonance structures in Chlorite ion, three resonance structures in Chlorate ion, four resonance structures in Perchlorate ion ;

Cl-O bond length….ClO->ClO2->ClO3->ClO4- ;

Bond angle….ClO--no bond angle …. diatomic speciesClO3-- 1070 (3 bp+ 1 lp )ClO4-- 109.50(4 bp); In ClO2- - 1110( 2 bp + 2 lp ).bp-bp repulsions dominate lp-lp repulsions ;

Acidic strength, oxidizing power, bleaching power…..HClO>HClO2>HClO3>HClO3 ;

Basic strength…….ClO->ClO2->ClO3->ClO4- ;

ClO- does not exhibit resonance ; ClO4- cannot undergo disproportionation…'Cl' is in its highest O.S ;


Note : While counting the sigma bonds in these acids never forget to count a sigma bond between O-H bond ; 

Number of bond pairs around central atom = 5
Number of bond pairs around central according to VSPER theory =3
Number of lone pairs around central atom = 1
Orientation of electron pairs around central atom = Tetrahedral(sp3)
Shape of ClO3- = pyramidal
Cl–O bond order = 5/3 = 1.66
It has three resonance structures.

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