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Nernst Equation

Cell notation of a galvanic cell is represented as Ni(s)/Ni+2(M1)//Cl-(M2)//12Cl2(1atm), Pt(s). Emf of the cell is minimum when the values of M1 and M2 are


Anode (LHE) Ni(s) Ni+2(M1)+2e;

Cathode (RHE) Cl2(1atm)+2e 2Cl-(M2)

Net cell reaction : Ni(s)+Cl2(1atm) Ni+2(M1)+2Cl-(M2)

Ecell=Ecell0-0.05912logNi+2Cl-2 Ecell-logNi+2Cl-2

Thus lesser the product of Ni+2Cl-2 higher will be the Ecell;

The product of  Ni+2Cl-2 in each case is

(1) option ….10-6

(2) option ….1

(3) option ….10-5

(4) option ….10-4

Minmum emf of the cell is when Ni+2=1 M and Cl- =1 M

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