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Introduction to Mole concept


According to the above chemical reaction, following information have been given.

(i) One mole of CH4 (g ) reacts with two moles of O2(g) to give one mole of CO2(g) and two moles of H2O (g)

(ii) One molecule of CH4 (g) reacts with 2 molecules of O2(g) to give one molecule of CO2(g) and 2 molecules of H2O(g)

(iii) 22.4 L of CH4(g ) reacts with 45.4 L of O2 to give 22.7 L of CO2(g) and 45.4 L of H2O(g)

(iv) 16 g of CH4(g ) reacts with 2x 32 g of  O2 (g ) to give 44 g of CO2(g) and 2x 18 g of H2O(g)

From these information the true interconversion should be


From the given relationships, the data can be interconverted as

mass   moles   number of molecules

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