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Transition elements

The elevation of boiling point of 0.10 M aqueous CrCl3.x NH3 solution is two times that of 0.05 M aqueous CaCl2 solution. The value of x is _____.

[assume 100% ionisation of the complex and CaCl2, coordination number of Cr as 6, and that all NH3 molecules are present inside the coordination sphere)


For 0.05 M CaCl2, i = 3

Effective molarity of CaCl2 = 0.05 × 3 = 0.15

effective molarity of complex  = 2 × effective molarity of CaCl2 

                                              = 2 × 0.15 = 0.3 M

So the complex is producing 3 ions on dissociation, which is possible only when, the value of x = 5.

Cr Cl (NH3) 5  Cl2  [Cr Cl (NH3)5 ]2++2 Cl-

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