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PH scale, PH of strong acids and strong bases

Following solutions were prepared by mixing different volumes of NaOH and HCl of different concentrations:

A) 60 mLM10HCl+40 mLM10NaOH               B) 55 mLM10HCl+45 mLM10NaOH

C) 75 mLM5HCl+25 mLM5NaOH                D) 100 mLM10HCl+100 mLM10NaOH

pH of which one of them will be equal to 1?


pH=1, so H+=10-1

 For acid base mixtureN1V1-N2V2=N3V3  (For NaOH and HCl ,Normality = Molarity

 A. M1H+=60×110-40×110100=2×10-3M i.e. pH=2.7

 B. M2H+=55×110-45×110100=1100=10-2M i.e. pH=2

 C. M3H+=75×15-25×15100=10-1M i.e. pH=1

 D. M4H+=100×110-100×110200=0 i.e. pH=7

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