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Four species are listed below :

(i)   HCO3-        (ii)  H3O+      (iii) HSO4-         (iv)   HSO3F

Which one of the following is the correct sequence of their acid strength ?

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iv < ii < iii < i
ii < iii < i < iv
i < iii < ii < iv
iii < i < iv < ii

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detailed solution

Correct option is C

The pKa values of HCO3-,  H3O+  and  HSO4- are 10.25, -1.74 and 1.92 respectively are HSO3  F is super acid (iv) > (ii) > (iii) > (i),Between HSO4- and HCO3- more resonating structures more stability of base,conjugate acid is strong acid

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