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Oxides and Oxoanions

Incorrect statement is


  •  S2O8-2+2I-2SO4-2+I2


2Fe+3+2I-2Fe+2+I2 2Fe+2+S2O8-22Fe+3+2SO4-2

In the above reaction moles of  Fe+3 ions before the reaction and after the reaction remains same, hence Fe+3 ion acts as catalyst.

Fe+2 ion is formed as intermediate. (True)

  • Interstitial compounds are chemically inert, hence they are using as refractory materials.(False).
  • Difference between the atomic radii of alloy forming metals must be about 15% (True)
  • V2O3 and V2O4 are basic and V2O5 is amphoteric oxide(True)

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