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Lemon juice normally has a pH of 2. If all the acid in the lemon juice is citric acid and there are no citrate salts present, then what will be the citric acid concentration [HCit] in the lemon juice ? (Assume that only the first hydrogen of citric acid is important)

HCit   H+ + Cit-,     Ka=8.4 × 10-4  mol  L-1

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8.4 × 10-4 M
4.2 × 10-4 M
16.8 × 10-4 M
11.9 × 10-2 M

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detailed solution

Correct option is D

H+ = KaC,  pH=2,    ∴    H+ = 10-2 M10-2 = KaC10-4  =  8.4 × 10-4 × C ∴            C = 11.9 ×  10-2 M

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