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Numericals involving moles, molecules and atoms

4.48 litres of methane at STP contain……number of atoms


Each carbon atom, C612 contains….6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons ;

Each hydrogen atom, H11 contains….1 proton, 1 electron and zero neutrons ;

Thus each molecule of CH4 contains…10 protons, 10 electrons and 6 neutrons ;

Thus each mole (16 g) of CH4  contains…10 moles (10 NA) of protons, 10 moles (10 NA)  of electrons and 6 moles (6 NA)  of neutrons ;

Each molecule of CH4 contains……4 sigma bonds ;

Each mole of CH4 (16 g) contains……4 moles (4 NA) sigma bonds ;

Each mole of CH4 occupies….22.4 litres at STP ;

Each mole of CH4 contains……One mole ( NA)  of methane molecules ;

Each mole of CH4 contains….1 gram atom ( NA) or 1 mole atom  ( NA) or 1 mole ( NA)  of carbon ;

Each mole of CH4 contains….4 gram atoms (4 NA) or 4 mole atoms (4 NA)  of hydrogen ;


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