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Match the defects given in Column I with the statements given in Column II.

 Column I Column II
A.Simple vacancy defect1.Shown by non-ionic solids and increases density of the solid.
B.Simple interstitial defect2.Shown by ionic solids and decreases density of the solid.
C.Frenkel defect3.Shown by non-ionic solids and density of the solid decreases.
D.Schottky defect4.Shown by ionic solids and density of the solid remains the same.

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A - 3 ; B - 1 ; C - 2 ; D - 4
A - 3 ; B - 1 ; C - 4 ; D - 2
A - 1 ; B - 3 ; C - 4 ; D - 2
A - 1 ; B - 3 ; C - 2 ; D - 4

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Correct option is B

A non-ionic compound mainly shows vacancy and interstitial defects.Vacancy defect: When an atom is not present at their lattice sites, then that lattice site is vacant and it creates a vacancy defect. Due to this, the density of a substance decreases.Interstitial defect: It is a defect in which an atom or molecule occupies the intermolecular spaces in crystals. In this defect, the density of the substance increases.An ionic compound shows  Frenkel and Schottky defects.Schottky defect: It is found in Ionic Solids. But in ionic compounds, we need to balance the electrical neutrality of the compound so an equal number of anions and cations will be missing from the compound. It reduces the density of the substance.Frenkel defect: In ionic solids generally, the smaller ion (cation) moves out of its place and occupies an intermolecular space. In this case, a vacancy defect is created on its original position and the interstitial defect is experienced at its new position. the density of a substance remains unchanged.∴ A→(3) ; B→(1) ; C→(4) ; D→(2)

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