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Transition elements

 Match List – I with List –II

          List –I                                                   List –II

          (Process)                                           (Catalyst)

          (a) Deacon’s process                          (i) ZSM - 5

          (b) Contact process                            (ii) CuCl2

          (c) Cracking of hydrocarbons             (iii) Particles ‘Ni’

          (d) Hydrogenation of vegetable oils    (iv) V2O5

          Choose the most appropriate answer from the option given below 


Contact process catalyst                               :          V2O5

Deacons process catalyst                             :         CuCl2

Catalyst of Cracking hydrocarbons               :         ZSM - 5

Catalyst  of Hydrogenation of vegetable oils :         Particles Ni

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