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Match the types of defect given in Column I with the statement given in Column II.

 Column I Column II
A.Impurity defect1.NaCl with anionic sites called F-centers
B.Metal excess defect2.FeO with Fe3+
C.Metal deficiency defect3.NaCl with Sr2+ and some cationic sites vacant

A - 1 ; B - 2 ; C - 3
A - 3 ; B - 2 ; C - 1
A - 1 ; B - 3 ; C - 2
A - 3 ; B - 1 ; C - 2

detailed solution

Correct option is D

A. → (3)   B. →(1)  C. →(2)A. Impurity defect arises due to replacement of one common ion resent in any crystal by another uncommon ion.B .Metal excess defect is due to missing of cation from ideal ionic solid which lead to create a F-center generally occupied by unpaired electrons, e.g. NaCl with anionic site.C. In Feo and Fe3+ exists along with Fe2+ which lead to decrease in metal ion(s) so this is a type of metal deficiency defect.

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