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Occurrence , Electronic Congufiguration, Atomic Properties

A, P, X, B, Q and E are the elements belonging to 18th group of Modern periodic table. The correct trend of melting point in these elements is A > P > X > B > Q > E. The element ‘E’ in the sequence is


Atomic radius….He<Ne<Ar<Kr<Xe;

Density ….He<Ne<Ar<Kr<Xe<Rn;

IP ….He>Ne>Ar>Kr>Xe>Rn;

Positive electron gain enthalpy ….Ne>Ar=Kr>Xe>Rn>He;Due to stable configuration

MP and BP…..He<Ne<Ar<Kr<Xe<Rn; Due to incease in the strength of Vanderwaals attractions

Abundance in atmosphere(by volume) …..Ar>Ne>He>Kr>Xe;

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