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Reaction of chloroform with chlorine is an example of fraction order reaction. Its rate law expression is rate =kCHCl3Cl21/2. If both are assumed in gaseous state and pressure  is measured in bar then units of rate and rate constant respectively are

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bar min-1,bar2min-1
bar min-1,bar-1/2,min-1
bar-1/2, min-1, bar2,min-1
bar min-1,bar-1/2,min-1

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Correct option is B

Given, rate=kCHCl3Cl21/2Order =1+12=32So, units of rate constant = Units of rate CHCl3Cl21/2= bar min−1bar3/2                                         =bar−1/2min−1Units of rate is bar min-1.

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