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Which of the following is not a proper trend

Na > K > Rb > Li > Cs ……Abundance in earth’s crust
Li > Na > K > Rb > Cs ……Reducing power in aqueous solution
Li > Na > K > Rb > Cs ……Ionization potential
Li > Na > K = Rb > Cs ……Electronegativity on Pauling scale

detailed solution

Correct option is B

Lithium is the best reducing agent in aqueous solution due to very high hydration enthalpy of Li+Expected trend : Li < Na < K < Rb < CsActual trend : Na < K < Rb < Cs < LiEvidence; SRP values:  ENa+/Nao>EK+/Ko>ERb+/Rbo>ECs+/Cso>ELi+/Lio

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