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Ionic equilibrium

Which of the following salts has the greatest molar solubility in pure water?

Very difficult

For CaCO3, solubiliry can be calculated as
CaCO3CaS2++CO32S Ksp=SS=S2S=Ksp =8.7×109=0.0051=9.3×105
For CuS, solubility can be calculated as
CuSCu2++SS2 Ksp=SS=S2 S=Ksp=8.5×1045=85×1046 =85×1023=9.21×1023  For Ag2CO3, solubility can be calculated as Ag2CO32Ag2S++CO32S Ksp=(2S)2S=4S3S=Ksp43 S=6.2×101243 =1.55×10123=1.15×104  
For existence of Pb9IO3, there must be IO3and Pb9+ present as constituent ions but in real Pb94 exist as ion. When we match the Ksp value of iodate of lead, we found that compound must be PbIO32.
Now, we can calculate solubiliry of compound as
PbIO32PbS++2IO3 Ksp=S(2S)2=4S3
S=Ksp43=2.64×10133 =2604×10153 =65×1053=4.02×105
Hence, maximum solubility has been observed for (c), i.e.

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