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Which mixture of the solutions will lead to the formation of negatively charged colloidal  [AgI]I -sol? 


If colloidal sol of AgI is prepared by adding KI solution to AgNO3 till KI is in slightly  excess, iodide ion (I-) will be adsorbed on the surface of AgI thereby giving a negative charge to the sol.In second option 50 X 10-3 moles of AgNO3  is mixed with 75 X 10-3  moles of KI. KI is excess 

In third option 50 X 10-3 moles of AgNO3  is mixed with 100 X 10-3  moles of KI ..KI is excess 

  AgI  +  I-             AgI:I-          (from KI)         Negative Sol

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