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Alkaline earth metals

Which is not the correct variation of the property indicated of chlorides of alkaline earth metals? 


 By Fajan's rule, 
smaller the cation, 
larger the anion, 
larger the charge, 
presence of d- and f-electrons, 
then larger the polarisation of the cation by anion and vice-versa. 
Thus, covalent nature increases, melting point decreases, lattice 
energy increases and thermal stability increases

 Size Be2+<Mg2+<Ca2+<Ba2+  (anion is common) 

Thus, BeCI2, has maximum covalent nature and has least melting  point. 
BeCl2 has maximum lattice energy and has maximum thermal stability. 
Thus (a) is incorrect, (b) is correct, (c) is correct, (d) is correct. 

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