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Change in internal energy

The following four wires are made of the same material. Which of these will have the largest extension when the same tension is applied?


Young s modulus, Y=FLAΔL=4FLπD2ΔL  or  ΔL=4FLπD2Y

where F is the force applied, L is the length, D is the diameter and ΔL is the extension of the wire respectively.

As each wire is made up of same material therefore their Young's modulus is same for each wire.

For all the four wires, Y, F (= tension) are the same.

  ΔLLD2 In  (a)  LD2=200cm0.2cm2=5×103cm1 In  (b)  LD2=300cm0.3cm2=3.3×103cm1 In  (c)  LD2=50cm0.05cm2=20×103cm1 In  (d)  LD2=100cm0.1cm2=10×103cm1

Hence,ΔL  is maximum in (c).

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