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The magnetic field in the plane electromagnetic wave is given by

Bz=2×10-7sin0.5×103x+1.5×1011t tesla

The expression for electric field will be

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Ez=302 sin 0.5×103x+1.5×1011tV/m
Ez=60 sin 0.5×103x+1.5×1011tV/m
Ey=302 sin 0.5×1011x+0.5×103tV/m
Ey=60 sin 0.5×103x+1.5×1011tV/m

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Correct option is D

Wave is propagating along positive X-axis; magnetic field is directed along Z-axis so electric field must be directed alongk∧×i∧=j∧ along Y-axis.Amplitude of electric fieldE0=B0c=2×10-7×3×108=60 V/m

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