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Standing waves

In Melde’s experiments in the longitudinal mode of vibration a string vibrates in 4 loops with a load of 8 gm. How much load would be required in order that the string many vibrate in 8 loops in transverse mode.


In longitudinal mode:n2=p2Tm or n2=428m .(1)
Note: Transverse position in Melde's experiment is changed to parallel position. If length of the string remains the same and tension is made half and if in perpendicular position 4 loops are formed then the number of logps formed in parallel position will be 2{ no of loops}.
In transrverse mode :n=q2Tm  or  n=82Tm . . . . (2)
dividing (1) by (2) we have 12=128T
T = 8 gm

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