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The two types of acceleration

A particle of mass 10g moves along a circle of radius 6.4cm with a constant tangential acceleration. What is the magnitude of this acceleration if the kinetic energy of the particle becomes equal to 8×10-4 J by the end of the second revolution after the beginning of the motion?


 Here, m=10 g=10-2 kg

R=6.4 cm=6.4×10-2 m,Kf=8×10-4 J,Ki=0,at=?

Using work-energy theorem, Work done by all the forces = Change in KE

Wtangential force +Wcentripetal force =Kf-Ki

  Ft×s+0=Kf-0mat×(2×2πR)=Kfat=Kf4πRm=8×10-44×227×6.4×10-2×10-2=0.0990.1 m s-2

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