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 A plot of Gibbs energy of a reaction mixture against the extent of the reaction is :

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minimum at equilibri
zero at equilibrium
maximum at equilibr
None of these

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Correct option is B

Suppose u be the initial velocity. Velocity after time t1 :v11=u+ at   Velocity after time t1+t2  : v22=u+at1+t2  Velocity after time t1+t2+t3:v33=u+at1+t2+t3  Now,  v1=u+v112=u+u+at12=u+12at1 v2=v11+v222=u+at1+12at2  v3=v22+v332=u+at1+at2+12at3  So  v1-v2=-12at1+t2 v2-v3=-12at2+t3 v1-v2:(v2-v3)=t1+t2:t2+t3

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