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Force on a charged particle moving in a magnetic field

A proton and an alpha particle both enter a region of uniform magnetic field B, moving at right angles to the field B. If the radius of circular orbits for both the particles is equal and the kinetic energy acquired by proton is 1 MeV,  the energy acquired by the alpha particle will be


The kinetic energy acquired by a charged particle in a uniform magnetic field B is

K=q2B2R22m  as  R=mvqB=2mKqB

where q and m are the charge and mass of the particle and R is the radius of circular orbit.

 The kinetic energy acquired by proton is 


 and that by the alpha particle is 


 Thus, KαKp=qαqp2mpmαRαRp2

 or Kα=Kpqαqp2mpmαRαRp2

 Here, Kp=1MeV,qαqp=2,mpmα=14 and RαRp=1


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