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In semiconductor, the concentrations of electrons and holes are 8×1018/m3 and 5×1018m3, respectively. If the mobilities of electrons and hole are 2.3 m2/volt-sec and 0.01 m2/volt-sec, respectively, then semiconductor is

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n-type and its resistivity is 0.34 ohm-metre
p-type and its resistivity is 0.034 ohm-metre
n-type and its resistivity is 0.034 ohm-metre
p-type and its resistivity is 3.40 ohm-metre

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Correct option is A

ne=8×1018/m3,nh=5×1018/m3μe=2.3m2volt-sec,μh=0.01m2volt-secne > nh, so semiconductor is n-type.Also conductivity, σ=1Resistivity(ρ)=e(neμe+nhμh)⇒1ρ=1.6×10-198×1018×2.3+5×1018×0.01⇒ρ=0.34 Ω-m

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