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Conservation of mechanical energy

A single conservative force acts on a 1 kg particle that moves along x-axis. The potential energy of the particle varies with x as U = 20+ (x - 2)2 here U is in joules and x is in meters. When the particle is at x = 5 m, its kinetic energy is 20 J. Then which of the following is/are correct ?


U=20+(x2)2 (a)  At x=5,U=20+32=29J                KE=20J

 Mechanical energy =U+KE=49J

 (c) Umin=20J  KEmax=29J (b) KEmin=0  Umax=49=20+xmax22        xmax22=29        xmax=2±29

 (d) For equilibrium dUdx=0


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