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A 800 turn coil of effective area 0.05 m2 is kept perpendicular to a magnetic field 5×10-5 T. When the plane of the coil is rotated by 90° around any of its coplanar axis in 0.1 s, the emf induced in the coil will be

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0.02 V
2 V
0.2 V
2×10-3 V

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Correct option is A

Here N=800,A=0.05 m2 B=5×10-5 T,Δt=0.1 s  Induced emf, ε=-ΔϕΔt=-ϕf-ϕiΔt ϕi=N(B→·A→)=800×5×10-5×0.05×cos0°=2×10-3 T m2 ϕf=0 ∴ ε=-0-2×10-30.1=2×10-2 V=0.02 V

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