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Redistribution of charges and concept of common potential

Two capacitors A and B with capacities C1andC2 are charged to potential difference of V1andV2,respectively. The plates of the capacitors are connected as shown in the figure. The upper plate of A is positive and that of B is negative. An uncharged capacitor of capacitance C and falls on the free ends to complete circuit, then 


Charge on positive plate of A is C1V1. Charge on negative plate of B is  -C2V2. When d plate of capacitor C is connected with the plate of A, then the total charge of (d, a) plate system will be C1V1 (conservation of charge). 

 Similarty on (c,s) plates, total charge will be C2V2. The total charge on (b,g) plate system will be +C2V2C1V1

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