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Two cities are 150 km apart. Electric power is sent from one city to another city through copper wires. The fall of potential per km is 8 volt and the average resistance per km is 0.5 Ω. The power loss in the wire is 

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19.2 W
19.2 kW
19.2 J
12.2 kW

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Correct option is B

Here,Distance between two cities = 150 kmResistance of the wire, R = (0.5 Ωkm-1) (150 km) = 75 ΩVoltage drop across the wire V = (8 V km-1) (150 km) = 1200 VPower loss in the wire is P=V2R=(1200 V)275Ω=19200 W=19.2 kW

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