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Coulumbs law in vector form

Two identical charged spheres suspended from a common point by two massless strings of lengths l, are initially at a distance  d(d<<l) apart because of their mutual repulsion. The charges begin to leak from both the spheres at a constant rate. As a result, the spheres approach each other with a velocity V. Then  V varies as a function of the distance  x  between the spheres, as


 From figure, Tcosθ=mg…..(i)


 From eqns. (i) and (ii), tanθ=kq2x2mg

 Since θ is small, tanθ=sinθ=x2l

 x2l=kq2x2mgq2=x3mg2lk or qx3/2dqdt32xdxdt=32xv. Since, dqdt= constant v1x



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