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Two identical magnetic dipoles of magnetic moments 1.0 Am2 each, are placed at a separation of 2m with their axis perpendicular to each other. The resultant magnetic field at a point midway between the dipoles is 

5 x 10-7 T
5 x 10-7 T
10-7 T
None of these

detailed solution

Correct option is B

With respect to 1st magnet, P lies in end side-on position.∴B1=μ04π2Md3(RHS)With respect to 2nd magnet, P lies in broad side - on position.∴B2=μ04πMd3(Upward)B1=10-7 x 2 x 11=2 x 10-7 T, B2=B12=10-7 TAs B1 and B2 are mutually perpendicular, hence the resultant magnetic field isBR=B12+B22=2 x 10-72+10-72=5 x 10-7 T

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