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During muscle contraction in humans, the

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sarcomere does not shorten
'A' band remains same
'A', 'H' and 'I' bands shorten
actin filaments shorten

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Correct option is B

During shortening of the muscle, i.e., contraction, the ‘I’ bands get reduced, whereas the ‘A’ bands retain the length.When the muscle is maximally contracted, thin filaments slide inward, the I band and H zone narrow and eventually disappear altogether. However, the length of the A band and the individual lengths of the thick and thin filaments remain unchanged. Since the thin filaments on each side of the sarcomere are attached to Z discs, when the thin filaments slide inward, the Z discs come closer together, and the sarcomere shortens. Shortening of the sarcomeres causes shortening of the whole muscle fiber, which in turn leads to shortening of the entire muscle.

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