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Population stabilisation and Birth control

One of the legal methods of birth control is


Having coitus at the time of day break is not a method of birth control. It can rather enhance the chance of conception.

If a a man ejaculates too quickly during sexual intercourse, it is termed premature ejaculation. Unlike coitus interruptus which is a natural birth control method, premature ejaculation is not a birth control method. 

Intentional or voluntary termination of pregnancy before full term is called medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) or induced abortion. It is not a birth control method. Government of India legalised MTP in 1971 with some strict conditions to avoid its misuse. MTP is legally permissible only when continuation of the pregnancy would involve a risk to the life of the pregnant woman or substantial risk to the child to be born.

Periodic abstinence is a natural birth control method, in which the couples avoid or abstain from coitus from day 10 to 17 of the menstrual cycle when ovulation could be expected. As chances of fertilisation are very high during this period, it is called the fertile period. Therefore, by abstaining from coitus during this period, conception could be prevented. 

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