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Basis of Classification

Which of the following are correctly matched with respect to their taxonomic classification?


House fly, butterfly, tse-tsefly, silverfish – class Insecta, phylum Arthropoda is the correct combination.

Spiny anteater - class Mammalia phylum Chordata

Sea urchin – class Echinoidea, phylum Echinodermata

Sea cucumber – class Holothuroidea, phylum Echinodermata

Flying fish - superclass Pisces phylum- Chordata

Cuttlefish – class Cephalopoda phylum Mollusca

Silverfish - class Insecta, phylum Arthropoda 

Centipede – class Chilopoda, phylum Arthropoda

Millipede – class Diplopoda, phylum Arthropoda

Spider, Scorpion – class Arachnida, phylum Arthropoda

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