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CBSE Notes Class 4

CBSE Class 4 Notes are useful for students to handle the challenges in today’s education system. Class 4 is an important stage of the academic life of a student. It acts as the basics for the further classes. Students must refer to good quality notes to prepare for the CBSE Class 4 Notes. The CBSE Class 4 notes provided in this article below have been prepared by the subject experts and are of high quality. therefore, read the article below to access these notes.

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    Free Download of Subject Wise CBSE Class 4 Notes

    It is important to revise the subject matter regularly to remember important concepts for a long time. At Infinity Learn, we understance the importance of good notes. CBSE Class 4 has so much basic concept to study, therefore, it’s difficult to remember everything for exams. To make the revision easier, Infinity Learn offers CBSE Class 4 Notes for different subjects. Experts prepare these notes based on the latest prescribed NCERT syllabus.

    CBSE Notes EVS Class 4
    CBSE Notes English Class 4
    CBSE Notes Hindi Class 4
    CBSE Notes Maths Class 4

    CBSE Class 4 Notes

    The study notes for class 4 are organized by chapter for subjects like Evs, maths, english and hindi. students can download these notes in PDF format easily. these notes are easy to access. Also, they’re completely free for students to use. CBSE Class 4 Notes have been updated according to the latest syllabus released by the Central board.

    Salient Features of CBSE Class 4 Notes

    • Conceptual Clarity: The notes are meticulously crafted to maintain conceptual clarity, aiding students in understanding the content effortlessly.
    • Framing Answers: Students gain insight into framing answers effectively by studying the structure of responses presented in the revision notes.
    • Organized Presentation: PDFs are organized in a well-distinguished manner, facilitating easy navigation and studying for each subject.
    • Reliability: CBSE Class 4 revision notes are crafted with full reliability, ensuring students receive accurate and trustworthy guidance.
    • Comprehensive Coverage: All topics and sub-topics outlined in the CBSE Class 4 syllabus are comprehensively covered in the revision notes.
    • Expert Preparation: Prepared by master teachers with subject expertise, the notes undergo thorough research, ensuring reliability and quality.
    • Exam Preparation: Students can anticipate exam questions based on the topics covered in the revision notes, aiding in strategic exam preparation.
    • Accessibility: Available as free PDFs, the revision notes are easily accessible online, allowing students to download and utilize them conveniently.

    CBSE Class 4 Subjects

    Below given subjects are taught in the CBSE Class 4.

    • Maths
    • EVS
    • Hindi
    • English

    Students can access the notes for these subjects through the link provided in this article.

    CBSE Class 4 Syllabus Overview

    Below provided is the syllabus for the subjects taught in CBSE Class 4. For detailed syllabus visit the provided links.

    1- CBSE Class 4 Maths Syllabus

    1. Building With Bricks
    2. Long and Short
    3. A Trip to Bhopal
    4. Tick Tick Tick
    5. The Way The World Looks
    6. The Junk Seller
    7. Jugs and Mugs
    8. Carts and Wheels
    9. Halves and Quarters
    10. Play with Patterns
    11. Tables and Shares
    12. How Heavy How Light
    13. Fields and Fences
    14. Smart Charts

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    2- CBSE Class 4 Environmental Studies (EVS) Syllabus

    1. Going to School
    2. Ear to Ear
    3. A Day With Nandu
    4. The Story of Amrita
    5. Anita and the Honeybees
    6. Omana’s Journey
    7. From the Window
    8. Reaching Grandmother’s House
    9. Changing Families
    10. Hu Tu Tu Hu Tu Tu
    11. The Valley of Flowers
    12. Changing Times
    13. A River’s Tale
    14. Basva’s Farm
    15. From Market to Home
    16. A Busy Month
    17. Nandita in Mumbai
    18. Too Much Water Too Little Water
    19. Abdul in the Garden
    20. Eating Together
    21. Food and Fun
    22. The World in My Home
    23. Pochampalli
    24. Home and Abroad
    25. Spicy Riddles
    26. Defence officer Wahida
    27. Chuskit Goes to School

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    3- CBSE Class 4 English Syllabus

    1. Nehas Alarm Clock
    2. The Little Fir Tree
    3. Nasruddins Aim
    4. Alice in Wonderland
    5. Helen Keller
    6. The Scholars Mother Tongue
    7. The Giving Tree
    8. Going to Buy a Book
    9. Pinocchio

    English Poems

    1. Wake Up
    2. Noses
    3. Run
    4. Why
    5. Don’t be Afraid of the Dark
    6. Hiawatha
    7. A Watering Rhyme
    8. Books
    9. The Naughty Boy

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    4- CBSE Class 4 Hindi Syllabus

    1. मन के भोले भाले बादल
    2. जैसा सवाल वैसा जवाब
    3. किरमिच की गेंद
    4. पापा जब बच्चे थे
    5. दोस्त की पोशाक
    6. नाव बनाओ नाव बनाओ
    7. दान का हिसाब
    8. कौन ?
    9. स्वतंत्रता की ओर
    10. थप्प रोटी थप्प दाल
    11. पढ़क्कू की सूझ
    12. सुनीता की पहिया कुर्सी
    13. हुदहुद
    14. मुफ्त ही मुफ्त

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    Importance of CBSE Class 4 Notes By Infinity Learn

    • In CBSE Class 4, the subjects are made to help students learn important things and build their knowledge. The topics chosen by the CBSE board are meant to teach students about important stuff. That’s where the revision notes made by experts come in handy.
    • These notes are like a simple version of what’s in the chapters. They help students understand the topics easily and prepare for exams.
    • These notes are also great for studying again before exams. They’re short and cover everything, so students can quickly review all the chapters.
    • Using these Infinity Learn notes for all Class 4 subjects is a smart idea. They make learning easier and help students do better in their exams.

    CBSE Class 4 Notes: FAQs

    What are CBSE Class 4 Notes?

    CBSE Class 4 Notes are helpful study materials created to assist students in understanding and revising the topics covered in their curriculum. These notes are designed to simplify complex concepts and provide a concise overview of each subject's key points.

    Why are CBSE Class 4 Notes important?

    Class 4 Notes play a crucial role in aiding students' learning process by providing clear explanations of topics, aiding in revision, and ensuring comprehensive understanding. These notes serve as valuable resources for exam preparation, enabling students to grasp concepts effectively and perform well in assessments.

    Where can I find CBSE Class 4 Notes?

    CBSE Class 4 Notes are readily available online on various educational platforms, including Infinity Learn. Additionally, students can access notes provided by their teachers or create their own based on their understanding of the topics.

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