CBSE ExamCBSE Board Exam 2024- 25

CBSE Board Exam 2024- 25

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is planning to announce the schedule for the Class 10 and 12 exams in November 2024. These exams are expected to take place from February 15 to April 10, 2025. Students can find the exam schedule on the official CBSE website for Science, Commerce, and Arts streams.

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    The practical exams for winter-bound schools are scheduled between November 14 and December 14, 2024, while for other schools, they will likely be held from January 1, 2025. Students can expect their admit cards for the exams by the end of January 2024. The results will probably be out in May 2024, and students can check them on the official website using their credentials.

    The CBSE has released the syllabus and marking scheme for the exams on their website. The syllabus outlines the topics for the exams, while the marking scheme shows how marks will be distributed. Students can also download sample papers to practice for the exams and get an idea about the types of questions and their difficulty level.

    Last year, CBSE conducted these exams from February 15 to April 5, 2025, and the results were announced on May 12 on the official website.

    CBSE Board Exam 2024

    CBSE Class 10 Exam

    Class 10 in CBSE is a big deal for students. It’s their first board exam, so they need to study hard all year. What they learn here helps them in real life and sets them up for later studies. So, building strong basics is key for their future.

    CBSE Class 12 Exam

    After Class 10, students pick a subject stream like Science, Commerce, or Arts for Classes 11 and 12. Class 12 is super important because it’s the end of school. Good marks here help get into top colleges. Plus, many competitive exams use the Class 11 and 12 syllabus, so students need to prepare well for this exam.

    CBSE Notes and Syllabus

    After students finish all the questions in their CBSE textbooks, they begin to review. To help with this, we’ve listed CBSE notes and CBSE syllabus for Classes 6 to 12 in the table below. These notes will be useful for students to review before their exams.

    CBSE Notes

    CBSE Syllabus

    CBSE Notes for Class 12 CBSE Syllabus for Class 12
    CBSE Notes for Class 11 CBSE Syllabus for Class 11
    CBSE Notes for Class 10 CBSE Syllabus for Class 10
    CBSE Notes for Class 9 CBSE Syllabus for Class 9
    CBSE Notes for Class 8 CBSE Syllabus for Class 8
    CBSE Notes for Class 7 CBSE Syllabus for Class 7
    CBSE Notes for Class 6 CBSE Syllabus for Class 6

    CBSE Books

    CBSE textbooks are essential for students to learn effectively. They are based on NCERT guidelines and cover classes from 1 to 12. You can find these e-Books on both the CBSE and NCERT websites. The books use clear language and include the full syllabus. Exam papers are based on these books, so it’s best for students to use them for studying.

    NCERT Books
    NCERT Books for Class 12 NCERT Books for Class 11
    NCERT Books for Class 10 NCERT Books for Class 9
    NCERT Books for Class 8 NCERT Books for Class 7
    NCERT Books for Class 6

    CBSE Exam Dates 2024-25

    The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the exam schedule for the 2024 – 25 academic year. The Class 10th and 12th exams will start in February 2024 and are planned to go on for about 55 days. The board is focused on organizing the exams fairly and smoothly, making sure all students have the right conditions to do their best.

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    CBSE Exam Dates 2025

    Class 10

    15 Feb – 10 April 2025

    Class 12

    15 Feb – 10 April 2025

    CBSE Board Exam Upcoming Dates

    Check out the table down here for all the dates of the CBSE 2024 -25 exams:
    Dates Upcoming Exam Dates
    Nov ’24 – Dec ’24 CBSE Practical Exams 2025 for Winter-Bound Schools(TENTATIVE)
    Nov ’24 – Dec ’24 Release of CBSE Date Sheet 2025 (TENTATIVE)
    Feb ’24 – Apr ’24 Conduct of CBSE 12th Board Exams 2025 (TENTATIVE)
    Feb ’24 – Apr ’24 Conduct of CBSE 10th Board Exams 2025 (TENTATIVE)

    CBSE Board Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2024-25

    The CBSE has released the syllabus for Class 10 and 12 for the year 2023-24. You can get it from the official website or by clicking the links provided. The syllabus includes all subjects like Hindi, English, Math, Science, Geography, Economics, and History. It was released in April 2023.

    To prepare well for the board exams, students should finish studying the CBSE syllabus 2024 at least a month before the final exams. The questions in the exams are based on this syllabus, so it’s important to cover it thoroughly to score good marks.

    CBSE Board Grading System

    Students receive grades instead of marks. CBSE announces results in two groups: Eligible for Improvement of Performance (EIOP) or Eligible for Qualifying Certificate (QUAL).

    CBSE Board Grading System for Primary Classes

    Percentage Grade Remark
    90% to 100% A* Outstanding
    75% to 89 % A Excellent
    56% to 74 % B Very Good
    35% to 55 % C Good
    Below 35 % D Scope for improvement

    CBSE Secondary School Grading System

    Grade Marks Grade Points
    A1 91-100 10
    A2 81-90 9
    B1 71-80 8
    B2 61-70 7
    C1 51-60 6
    C2 41-50 5
    D 33-40 4
    E1 21-32 0
    E2 20 and below 0

    CBSE Board Exam Result Date

    May ’24 Announcement of CBSE 12th Result 2024 (TENTATIVE)
    May ’24 Announcement of CBSE 10th Result 2024 (TENTATIVE)


    Essays for CBSE Students

    Writing essays is an important part of learning English. We start learning how to write them in class 3 and keep doing it until class 12. In the beginning, we write about simple things like our family, school, or best friend. But as we grow, the topics become more challenging. The main reason we write essays is so we can share our thoughts using our own words. English helps us express our ideas better. We’ve included some essays on common topics to help you understand how to write a good essay for exams.

    CBSE Board Exam 2024 FAQs

    When CBSE board exam will start 2025?

    The CBSE board exams for 2025 are scheduled to begin in March/April, but specific dates are usually announced closer to the exam period.

    Does CBSE Class 11 have board exam 2025?

    Generally, CBSE Class 11 doesn't have board exams; they're usually conducted for Class 10 and Class 12.

    What is the date of ICSE board exam 2025?

    The ICSE board exams for 2025 typically occur in February/March, but the exact dates are usually announced closer to the exam period.

    Is CBSE datesheet released for 2024?

    The CBSE datesheet for 2024 exams is not released yet; it usually gets published closer to the exam time.

    Will there be 12th board exam 2025?

    Yes there will be 12th board exams in 2025 conducted by CBSE.

    Is CBSE Class 12 datesheet released 2025?

    The CBSE Class 12 datesheet for 2025 is not released; exams are scheduled for March/April.

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