CBSE ExamCBSE SyllabusCBSE Syllabus for Class 6

CBSE Syllabus for Class 6

CBSE Class 6 Syllabus: The syllabus of class 6 is more than that of primary classes. Class 6 is the beginning of the journey in high school. In class 6, the fundamentals of high studies begin. The concepts of Class 6 should be very clear. The subjects in class 6 are Maths, Science, Social Science, English, and Hindi.
The syllabus for Class 6 can be downloaded. The syllabus PDF is released by CBSE. It serves as a detailed guide for students, highlighting the topics students must cover for their final exams. The following article discusses the CBSE Class 6 Syllabus.

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    The updated CBSE Class 6 Syllabus PDF can be found on the official website and can be downloaded from this article for easy access.

    CBSE Class 6 Syllabus

    Following are the links to download CBSE Syllabus for Class 6.

    CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 of All the Subjects

    CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 Maths

    Maths of Class 6 introduces many important concepts to children. These are of great importance in higher education as well. All these are basics of maths and understanding them is necessary to strengthen the root for higher classes.

    CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 Science

    Topics and concepts in Class 6 Science are important for higher classes. As it will form a base. Students must understand each and every topic. So that they’ll not get any difficulty in higher classes.

    CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 Social Science




    The Social Science Syllabus is designed in such a way that students can easily understand the concepts of each section. If they want to score good marks in Social Science, students must cover all the chapters from each section.

    CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English


    Class 6 English – Honeysuckle Contents
    Chapter 1 i) Who Did Patrick’s Homework?

    ii) A House, A Home

    Chapter 2 i) How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!

    ii) The Kite

    Chapter 3 i) Taro’s Reward

    ii) The Quarrel

    Chapter 4 i) An Indian – American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla

    ii) Beauty

    Chapter 5 i) A Different Kind of School

    ii) Where Do All the Teachers Go?

    Chapter 6 i) Who I Am

    ii) The Wonderful Words

    Chapter 7 i) Fair Play
    Chapter 8 i) A Game of Chance

    ii) Vocation

    Chapter 9 i) Desert Animals

    ii) What if

    Chapter 10 i) The Banyan Tree

    CBSE Class 6 English Syllabus Chapters

    A Pact with the Sun

    Class 6 English – A Pact With The Sun Contents
    Chapter 1 A Tale of Two Birds
    Chapter 2 The Friendly Mongoose
    Chapter 3 The Shepherd’s Treasure
    Chapter 4 The Old-Clock Shop
    Chapter 5 Tansen
    Chapter 6 The Monkey and the Crocodile
    Chapter 7 The Wonder Called Sleep
    Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun
    Chapter 9 What Happened to the Reptiles
    Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match
    English Grammar Applied Grammar Writing Section
    Noun Gap filling/ sentences Formal letter
    Pronoun Dialogues completion Informal letter
    Verb Sentence reordering Diary entry
    Tenses Editing Notice Writing
    Voice Omission Massage Writing
    Adjective Sentence Transformation Debate
    Adverb Speech
    Sentence and phrases Article
    Subject-verb agreement Report
    Reported speech Story completion
    Framing questions

    Through English, students can improve their overall score in their exams.

    CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 Hindi


    Chapter 1 Kalam
    Chapter 2 Kitaab
    Chapter 3 Ghar
    Chapter 4 Patang
    Chapter 5 Bhaaloo
    Chapter 6 Jharana
    Chapter 7 Dhanush
    Chapter 8 Rumaal
    Chapter 9 Kaksha
    Chapter 10 Gubbara
    Chapter 11 Parvat
    Chapter 12 Hamara Ghar
    Chapter 13 Kapde Ki Dukaan
    Chapter 14 Phool
    Chapter 15 Baatcheet
    Chapter 16 Shillong se Fan
    Chapter 17 Titalee
    Chapter 18 Eeshvarachandr vidyasagar
    Chapter 19 Pradarshanee
    Chapter 20 Chitthee
    Chapter 21 Angulimaal
    Chapter 22 Yatra ki Tyari
    Chapter 23 Haathee
    Chapter 24 Doktar
    Chapter 25 Jayapur se Patra
    Chapter 26 Badhe Chalo
    Chapter 27 Vyarth ki Shanka
    Chapter 28 Gadha aur Siyaar


    Chapter 1 Vah Chidiya Jo
    Chapter 2 Bachpan
    Chapter 3 Nadaan Dost
    Chapter 4 Chaand se Thode si Happen
    Chapter 5 Aksharo Ka Mahatva
    Chapter 6 Paar Nazar Ke
    Chapter 7 Saathi Haath Badhana
    Chapter 8 Aise- Aise
    Chapter 9 Ticket Album
    Chapter 10 Jhansi ki Rani
    Chapter 11 Jo Dekhkar bhi nahi Dekhte
    Chapter 12 Sansar Pustak Hai
    Chapter 13 Main Sabse Chotti hu
    Chapter 14 Lokageet
    Chapter 15 Naukar
    Chapter 16 Van ke Marg Mein
    Chapter 17 Saans- Saans Mein Baans

    Bal Ram Katha

    Chapter 1 Avadh Puree Mein Ram
    Chapter 2 Jangal Aur Janakpur
    Chapter 3 Do Varadaan
    Chapter 4 Ram Ka Van Gaman
    Chapter 5 Chitrakoot Mein Bharat
    Chapter 6 Dandak Van mein Dus Varash
    Chapter 7 Sone Ka Hiran
    Chapter 8 Seeta ki Khoj
    Chapter 9 Ram aur Sugriv
    Chapter 10 Lanka mein Hanuman
    Chapter 11 Lanka Vijay
    Chapter 12 Ram ka Rajyabhishek


    Chapter 1 Bhasha aur Vyakaran
    Chapter 2 Varna Vichar
    Chapter 3 Shabd Vichar
    Chapter 4 Pratyay
    Chapter 5 Upsurge
    Chapter 6 Sangya
    Chapter 7 Sarvanam
    Chapter 8 Visheshan
    Chapter 9 Kriya
    Chapter 10 Kaal
    Chapter 11 Ling
    Chapter 12 Vachan
    Chapter 13 Kaarak
    Chapter 14 Kriya Visheshan Avyay
    Chapter 15 Samuchaya Bodhak Avyay
    Chapter 16 Sambandhbodhak Avyay
    Chapter 17 Vismaya Di Bodhak Avyay
    Chapter 18 Nipaat
    Chapter 19 Vakya Ashudhiya aur unka Shodhan
    Chapter 20 Viram Chinh
    Chapter 21 Muhavare aur Lokotiyan

    CBSE Syllabus for Class 6: FAQs

    What are the subjects in CBSE Class 6?

    The subjects in class 6 CBSE are: English, Hindi, Maths, Science, and Social Science.

    How to study to score good marks in exams?

    Students should cover all the important topics and concepts to obtain good marks in exams. Each subject to be given proper time.

    How many chapters are included in CBSE Class 6 Maths?

    There are a total of 13 chapter in CBSE Class 6 Maths.

    What happens if you fail 1 subject in CBSE Class 6?

    Each school establishes its own criteria for advancing or retaining sixth-grade students who struggle in a particular subject. Nevertheless, the common practice is to advance students in the sixth grade who fail in any single subject as long as their overall score is above 40%. Conversely, students with an aggregate score below 40% are typically required to repeat the class.

    Is the CBSE syllabus for 2023-24 released?

    Yes, the CBSE has released a subject-wise syllabus for the academic year 2023-24. Students can access the syllabus of all the subjects on the Infinity Learn website.

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