Study MaterialsNCERT SolutionsNCERT Solutions for Class 2 All Subject PDF

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 All Subject PDF

NCERT Solutions for Class 2 are made to match the NCERT books. They give lots of help for Class 2 studies. These NCERT solutions explain things clearly and have fun worksheets to do. They talk about all subjects and help you understand them better. They’re great for students, parents, and teachers. They help build a strong start in school by making sure you really understand what you’re learning, not just remembering it.

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    NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Download Free PDF

    Free PDF versions of NCERT solutions for Class 2 are accessible. These solutions cover subjects such as Math, English, Hindi and EVS. They are crafted to aid students in grasping chapter concepts and preparing for exams. Expert teachers provide these solutions, and they’re conveniently accessible without any registration requirement. Specifically for English, solutions for Marigold and Raindrops textbooks are available. Students can easily download solutions for each chapter.

    ncert solutions for 2

    Class 2 All Subjects NCERT Solutions

    Get the NCERT solutions for class 2 for all subject which covers subjects like Maths, English, Hindi and EVS,

    Here is the subject-wise list of NCERT solutions for class 2:

    NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths

    NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths offer clear explanations for all the math topics taught in second grade. These solutions are made to make math fun and easy to understand for kids. They provide simple steps to solve problems, including addition, subtraction, basic multiplication, and learning about shapes and numbers. Great for students and useful for parents and teachers, these solutions help build a solid math understanding in an enjoyable and interactive manner.

    Chapter-wise list of Class 2 Maths NCERT solutions:

    • Chapter 1 What is Long, What is Round?
    • Chapter 2 Counting in Groups
    • Chapter 3 How Much Can You Carry?
    • Chapter 4 Counting in Tens
    • Chapter 5 Patterns
    • Chapter 6 Footprint
    • Chapter 7 Jugs and Mugs
    • Chapter 8 Tens and Ones
    • Chapter 9 My Funday
    • Chapter 10 Add Our Points
    • Chapter 11 Lines and Lines
    • Chapter 12 Give and Take
    • Chapter 13 The Longest Step
    • Chapter 14 Birds Come, Birds Go
    • Chapter 15 How Many Ponytails?

    Class 2 English NCERT Solutions

    Class 2 English NCERT Solutions offer simple and clear answers for the Class 2 English textbook. They help improve reading, writing, and understanding skills with interesting activities and stories. These solutions make learning enjoyable and interactive, helping kids develop a solid grasp of English basics. Great for students, parents, and teachers looking to enhance English skills in early education.

    Class 2 English NCERT Solutions chapter-wise list:

    • Chapter 1 – First Day at School
    • Chapter 2 – I Want
    • Chapter 3 – The Wind and the Sun
    • Chapter 4 – Storm in the Garden
    • Chapter 5 – Funny Bunny
    • Chapter 6 – Curlylocks and the Three Bears
    • Chapter 7 – Make it Shorter
    • Chapter 8 – The Mumbai Musicians
    • Chapter 9 – The Magic Porridge Pot
    • Chapter 10 – The Grasshopper and the Ant

    List of All Poem Class 2:

    • The Paddling-Pool
    • I am Lucky
    • A Smile
    • Rain
    • Zoo Manners
    • Mr Nobody
    • On My Blackboard I Can Draw
    • I Am the Music Man
    • Granny Granny Please Comb My Hair
    • Strange Talk

    NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Hindi

    NCERT Solutions for Grade 2 Hindi are created to assist young students in understanding the fundamentals of the Hindi language in a fun and simple way. These solutions closely align with the NCERT textbook, offering easy-to-understand explanations, straightforward answers, and engaging activities for every lesson. Designed to improve reading, writing, and understanding abilities, these materials are ideal for establishing a solid grasp of Hindi.

    Chapter-wise List of NCERT solutions Class Hindi:

    • Chapter 1 – Aunt Chala
    • Chapter 2 – Bhalu Ne Kheli Football
    • Chapter 3 – Miyaun Miyaun
    • Chapter 4 – Adhik Balwan Kaun
    • Chapter 5 – Dost Ki Madad
    • Chapter 6 – Bahut Hua
    • Chapter 7 – Meri Kitaab
    • Chapter 8 – Titali Aur Kali
    • Chapter 9 – Bulbul
    • Chapter 10 – Meethi Sarangi
    • Chapter 11 – Tesu Raja Beech Bazaar
    • Chapter 12 – Bus Ke Niche Bagh
    • Chapter 13 – Suraj Zaldi Aana Ji
    • Chapter 14 – Natkhat Chuha
    • Chapter 15 – Ekki Dokki

    NCERT Solutions for Class 2 EVS

    NCERT Solutions for class 2 Environmental Studies (EVS) are created to give thorough answers and explanations for the activities and questions found in the NCERT class 2 EVS book. These solutions are very helpful for kids, parents, and teachers. They make learning easier by giving clear explanations about the topics in each chapter.

    Class 2 EVS NCERT solutions chapter-wise list:

    • Chapter 1: Invention of the Wheel
    • Chapter 2: Good Habits
    • Chapter 3: Means of Communication
    • Chapter 4: Clothes
    • Chapter 5: World Around Me
    • Chapter 6: Get To Know Me
    • Chapter 7: Understanding Directions
    • Chapter 8: Houses
    • Chapter 9: Services In Neighbourhood
    • Chapter 10: Time
    • Chapter 11: Air, Water, Food, Shelter
    • Chapter 12: Means of Transport
    • Chapter 13: Our Family

    NCERT Solutions for Other Classes

    FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 2

    Which website has the best NCERT solutions?

    Infinity Learn is known for offering comprehensive and reliable NCERT solutions for various classes, including detailed explanations and answers crafted by educational experts. Their platform ensures that students understand the concepts clearly, making it a great resource for NCERT solutions.

    What is the name of the NCERT Class 2 English book?

    The NCERT Class 2 English book is titled Marigold. It is designed to help young learners improve their language skills through engaging stories, poems, and activities, fostering an early love for reading and learning English.

    What is mental Maths for Class 2?

    Mental Maths for Class 2 involves simple mathematical calculations that young students can perform in their heads. These include addition, subtraction, basic multiplication, and division, aiming to develop quick reasoning and numerical skills without the use of pen and paper.

    How many books are there in 2nd class?

    In Class 2, NCERT provides a set of textbooks covering various subjects such as English (Marigold), Mathematics (Math Magic), Hindi (Rimjhim), and Environmental Studies (Looking Around). The exact number can vary, but typically there are around 3 to 4 main textbooks prescribed by NCERT for 2nd class.

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