CBSE ExamCBSE SyllabusCBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus 2023- 2024

CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus 2023- 2024

The latest CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus for 2023-2024 is out now. You can get the full syllabus in PDF format through the link provided here. Additionally, discover useful study materials and resources to help you prepare for the CBSE Class 12 Biology board exam in 2024.

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    Class 12 Biology Syllabus 2023-24

    The CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus for 2023-24 covers cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, and human health.

    In cell biology, you’ll learn about cells’ structure, functions, division, and signaling. Molecular biology includes DNA structure, replication, transcription, translation, and making proteins. Genetics covers Mendelian genetics, molecular genetics, and genetic engineering. Evolution involves theories about natural selection and speciation.

    Ecology topics focus on the biosphere, ecosystems, and biodiversity. In human health, you’ll explore the human body, diseases, and the immune system. The syllabus also includes practical exercises to apply what you learn in class.

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    CBSE Class 12 Biology 2023-24 Course Structure

    Unit Topic Marks
    VI Reproduction 16
    VII Genetics and Evolution 20
    VIII Biology and Human Welfare 12
    IX Biotechnology and its Applications 12
    X Ecology and Environment 10
    TOTAL 70

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    2023-24 CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus

    Unit Name Chapters
    Unit-VI Reproduction Chapter-1: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
    Chapter-2: Human Reproduction
    Chapter-3: Reproductive Health
    Unit-VII Genetics and Evolution Chapter-4: Principles of Inheritance and Variation
    Chapter-5: Molecular Basis of Inheritance
    Chapter-6: Evolution
    Unit-VIII Biology and Human Welfare Chapter-7: Human Health and Diseases
    Chapter-8: Microbes in Human Welfare
    Unit-IX Biotechnology and its Applications Chapter-9: Biotechnology – Principles and Processes
    Chapter-10: Biotechnology and its Applications
    Unit-X Ecology and Environment Chapter-11: Organisms and Populations
    Chapter-12: Ecosystem
    Chapter-13: Biodiversity and Its Conservation

    CBSE Class 12 Biology Question Paper Design 2023-24

    Question Paper Design (Theory) 2023-24
    Demonstrate Knowledge and Understanding 50%
    Application of Knowledge / Concepts 30%
    Analyse, Evaluate and Create 20%

    CBSE Class 12 Biology Practicals Evaluation Scheme

    In Biology, doing experiments is really important. Along with learning from books, students should also do practical work. This helps them understand Biology much better. Around 30 marks are for these practicals. Doing well in these experiments can boost their overall Biology marks. Students can find the experiments they need to do in Class 12 Biology in the syllabus PDF. The table below tells you how the CBSE Class 12 Practical exam is marked.

    Evaluation Scheme Marks
    One Major Experiment 5 5
    One Minor Experiment 2 & 3 4
    Slide Preparation 1 & 4 5
    Spotting 7
    Practical Record + Viva Voce 4
    Investigatory Project and its Project Record + Viva Voce 5
    Total 30

    CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus 2023-24 FAQs

    What is the deleted syllabus of class 12 cbse 2023-24 of Biology?

    In the Class 12 Biology syllabus for 2023-24, some chapters have been entirely removed. These chapters are Reproduction in Organisms, Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production, and Environmental Issues.

    What is the syllabus for Biology Class 12 Board exam 2024?

    The course includes five parts: Making new living things, Traits and Change over time, Life Science and Human Health, Using biology in technology, and Nature and Surroundings.

    What is the marking scheme for Biology class 12 syllabus 2023-24?

    In this case, 70 points will be awarded for the written exam, and the other 30 points will be for the hands-on part.

    How many chapters are there in class 12 Biology?

    The Class 12th Biology NCERT Solutions have 16 chapters designed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for schools that follow the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

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