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Here’s How to Boost Your Percentage in the Board

Getting a good percentage in the board exam is the dream of every student, but most of the students are confused about how they can complete this dream. Completing your dream is not so hard if you follow below given steps;

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    Defeat your Past

    Before your board exam your school also takes some weekly or monthly tests. Track your marks in all the school tests, and try to do your best in every test. Even if the number of that exam is not going to count in your final result, they are important for you. Try to note down the mistakes you have made in your past exam and try to not do that type of mistake in the next exam. Always try to defeat your previous exam marks.

    Stick to NCERT

    Many students think doing a book with a lot of pages will give them good marks. If you also think in that way then you’re wrong. If you think practising a lot of heavy books will give you good marks, stop thinking in that way. The first thing you have to do to improve your percentage on board is to make your base strong. Yes, if your base is strong you have a better chance of getting good marks on your board. For making a strong base you should first start with your NCERT books. NCERT books cover the whole syllabus of CBSE and questions in NCERT books are set according to CBSE. If you have seen previous year papers, then you have noticed that language used in previous year board exams is similar to language used in NCERT. Therefore, first stick to NCERT, then if you want, try to solve other good books.

    Friend or Foe

    Keep in mind that time can be your friend or foe. If you spend your precious time in the right manner you can gain your targeted board marks, so learn one good habit of time management. You can manage your time by tracking how you spend your time. After making a tracker of your day, see where you are wasting your time and see where you need to spend the time. For improving your marks in boards you should give the required number of time to your studies. If you give sufficient time to your preparation d definitely your marks will improve on the board.

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    Break the Wrong Perception

    Students have made a wrong perception towards the language subject. They think that getting marks in language is so easy and there is no need to do hard work in language subjects. Do not think there is no need for the preparation of language subjects. Language subjects work like a booster. They can boost your result. So give sufficient time for language subjects also.

    Peek Board’s Past

    To improve your board’s percentage you should daily practice previous year exams,so that your mind gets trained and you also get familiar with the board’s exam pattern.

    Notice your Clumsy Sheet

    If you think your writing or your presentation will not affect your result then you are 100 percent wrong, because your clumsy sheet can confuse the board’s checker. Speak to toppers and teachers about how to neatly and cleanly write your board’s exam paper. FOr example when you write equations or any important point or your final answer then try to enclose them in a box, to highlight them.

    Stay Motivated

    Do not get demotivated by your bad ranking, you should believe yourself that you will get good marks if you do a little more practice. Do not think that others are doing better than you, you go to them and ask your doubts and take some advice on how they are practising for the exam.

    Good Night

    Remember do not suffocate your body by not taking rest. Rest is important for both body and mind. Always take a good nap before any exam. Do not wake for long hours at night for study, especially before your exam.

    Do Not Feel You are in Battle Ground

    At the board’s exam centre do not feel that you are in a situation of do and die or you are in a battle field. Make yourself calm and remember that you have given your best during your preparation. Read carefully every question and try to do questions that carry more marks, so that you do not do these questions in the end time.

    Give your best during your preparation and believe in yourself that you will get a good percentage in board exams.

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