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Science Board Exam Class 10 – How to Prepare for the Exam?

Science Board Exam Class 10: The class 10 board exam is a very important exam that students take in order to get into a good college. Most students dread the class 10 board exams as it is considered to be a very important milestone in their academic lives. It is the first major exam that they have to face and hence the pressure to perform well is immense. While some students are able to cope with the pressure and perform well, others crack under the pressure and fail to meet the expectations.

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    Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), conducts class 10 board exams. The students who pass this exam are eligible to take admission in class 11 in any school affiliated to CBSE. The syllabus for this exam is based on the NCERT curriculum.

    One of the toughest streams of class 10th is science that contains three parts, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The class 10 science exam is a very important exam for students who want to pursue a career in science. Here are a few tricks and tips to follow from the CBSE board to the students. These will help them score good marks in Science subjects.

    So, let us find out.

    Science Board Exam Class 10

    Class 10th science exam takes place in 2 parts i.e.

    • One is the theory part, which consists of 80 marks written exams.
    • The second is based on the internal assessment, which consists of 20 marks. The internal assessment consists of journal submission, practical file submission, and viva.

    CBSE Class 10 Science – Subjects

    To prepare for Class 10 Science Board Exam, you need to focus on the important topics. Here are the lists of topics which you need to focus on:

    For Physics

    • Human eye
    • Rays of light
    • Formula based questions
    • AC and DC generators

    For Chemistry

    • Chemical reactions
    • Periodic table
    • The cleansing action of soap
    • Concepts of acid and bases

    For Biology

    • Reproduction
    • Diagrams of organs
    • One line definition of biology terms
    • Mendel’s Experiments

    CBSE Class 10 Science Reference Books

    Here are the lists of the best books you can buy to prepare for the science exam. You can also purchase these books online. The names of the books are as follows:

    • Physics class 10th by Lakhwinder Singh and Manjit Kaur
    • Principles of Physics S. Chand Book- N.k Chowdhry
    • Fundamentals of Physics- Pradeep Publications
    • Chemistry class 10th by Lakhwinder Singh and Manjit Kaur
    • Biology class 10th by Lakhwinder Singh and Manjit Kaur

    Tips and Tricks to prepare for Science Exam

    1. Prepare a proper timetable, plan your schedule according to the number of chapters, and analyze which topic needs more preparation.
    2. Note down the important notes or highlight them so that you can focus on those points at the time of the revision.
    3. Sleep at least 7-8 hours before the day of your exam.
    4. On the day of the exam, do not study new topics. Focus on those topics which you studies already and only need revision.
    5. Attempt your exam in sequence and make proper diagrams with the proper labeling of parts.
    6. Try to score more in internal assessments that will help you in the final theory exams.
    7. Write all the formulas and the periodic table in a separate notebook or in a chart and paste it near your study table so that you can learn it every day.
    8. Before going through any reference book, first completely revise the NCERT book of the subject as NCERT is known as the bible of the board exams, and those who understand the concept of NCERT can easily score more than 95%.
    9. Read all the examples and extra questions present at the end of every chapter.
    10. While attempting the exam, carefully read the question paper before you attempt the answers.

    CBSE Board Exam Class 10 Science – Marking system

    The question paper consists of 30 questions divided into three sections A, B, and C. Section A contains MCQs and one line answer questions, and section B contains short answer type questions having three marks each. Lastly, section C contains five marks long answer type questions. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology have equal weightage in the exam.

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    FAQs on Science Board Exam Class 10

    Q1. How much percentage a does a student need to score to get a science stream in +1?

    Answer. To opt for the science stream in +1, a student must score 75% to 80% in science subjects in the 10th board.

    Q 2. What are the passing marks in class 10th board exams?

    Answer. The passing marks in the board exams is equivalent to 33%. If a student fails in one subject, then the result would be a compartment, and if a student fails in more than two subjects, then the student will have to reappear for the examination.

    Q 3. What will be the marking scheme of the science exam?

    Answer. The science theory exam has three sections. Section A consists of 14 marks, Section B consists of 36 marks, and section C consists of 30 marks.

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