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    In order to gain knowledge and enhance it in a better way, group discussion is very necessary. It helps to build your voice in an effective way. We should give authority to students, especially so that they feel valuable and responsible that they have to do it for themselves, not just as a formality, and this is only possible when the boomerang way is not followed and when the traditional way is not followed it is only possible when the present way of teaching is carried out. So stop thinking start doing.


    As we all know that teachers play an important role in every student’s life, so when teachers behave like facilitators rather than leaders, then the student feels empowered and confident enough and see them as valuable contributors to their own learning. We all can say that one of the rewarding experiences in teaching is helping the student to get their voice and help them to build their confidence and speak confidently in front of everybody they help them to put their point, giving them the opportunity to engage in discussion that includes externalizing, elaborating on their thinking is one of the best parts ever noticed, and after that receiving feedback helps them to enhance their knowledge and understanding the topic as clear as crystal all these things help the student to get command over their knowledge and this helps to update their knowledge day by day.

    As we all know that in traditional power dynamics teacher is the authority, but in order to give students authority to participate in classroom discussion so that they can enhance their knowledge capabilities, we need to break this hierarchy, otherwise the student will convey only that knowledge which they think is favourable and correct. Including new knowledge with their previous one helps them to reconstruct new neural networks that lead to long term understanding, hence proving that the new knowledge is personal and relevant.

    Outline of discussion

    • Avoiding the boomerang effect-we should avoid it for further cons.
    • Strategies to increase student authority in class discussion-there r many more strategies to enhance the class discussion.
    • Map out the discussion
    • Allow for wait time.
    • Utilize prompts strategically


    We should avoid the boomerang effect like the boomerang effect means that answers to every question are answered by the teacher. Anyhow there is no involvement of the student in giving an answer, but this sequence needs to get over. In this perhaps all students talk at some point of time, but the teacher is always the central figure; this can be only avoided if the teacher will come in between when needed only rather than a teacher should initiate the student to participate actively in order to get student respond to each other it is not necessary to feel empowered in their voice instead of that they must see another student as valuable contributors and value them as they value teacher.

    In short, the teacher plays an important role in changing this dynamic process; it requires ignoring the bad behaviour of good conversions in an everyday situation.

    1. We should map out the discussion that what exactly we have to do in our today’s discussion ar what and when we have to ask questions to make the discussion more interesting and up to which extent we have to take up that topic of discussion and most importantly when we have to end it, so that ends up in a smooth way that’s all are the things which come in map out the discussion.
    1. Allow for wait time we should allow for wait time after asking a question suppose if any student asks a question from a teacher, then the teacher will wait for some time so that any student try to give the answer of that question so that the student feels engaged and connected sometimes it happens that before giving answer teacher asks it from a student so that they feel involved in it and feel valuable.
    1. Students know the rules of conversion that how to start it, and how to end like one talk, one responds it gives opportunity to the students to initiate the rules of conversation. It reinforces that teacher is not the authority of the classroom community learning experience. It also prevents a student from turning off their attention when other students talk about the topic because the expectation is for everyone to think and process.
    1. Utilize prompts strategically- in between the discussion teacher can avoid the boomerang format and allow the student to put up the question to each other in order to get all students engaged in one go. Prompts can be used to know exactly many other points of view of each other and exactly what are there say about the topic. This approach reinforces that student has authority. It also enhances the community learning experience.


    Q. What do others think about that idea?

    Ans: Yes, we think that classroom discussion is very important for every student so that they can put their point of view in front of others and they can feel empowered.

    Let’s hear some other points of view.

    Yes, it is very necessary because obviously, the teacher plays an important role, but they are the person who actually knows how and in which way we have to motivate the student to grow up.

    Which way is better: a traditional type of teaching?

    From my point of view, the present way of teaching is very good as compared to the traditional type of teaching because in this only teacher is not the real authority; they give time and effort to the enhancement of students.

    Is it necessary to involve all students in the discussion?

    Yes, it is necessary to involve the student in the discussion because from doing this, the student will feel valuable and confident to raise their voice.

    Why do we know that can help us solve this problem?

    We just have to involve all the students equally in group discussion and like they are the authority present there not the teachers, and always teachers should raise different students for a startup not always the same one.

    Is it necessary to discuss these group discussions with parents after reaching home?

    Yes, from my point of view this is very important for students to discuss this with parents because they have the right to know everything which is going on in their children's life.


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