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How to Avoid Laziness while Studying

People initially don’t realize the cost they would be paying as a result of their sluggish attitude, but eventually, when they do, it is already too late for them to board the train. The reason why people feel so lethargic, languid, and drowsy is that they have no reason to continue the work they are doing. They lose the purpose, the motivation, and they can’t answer the question, why are they doing what they are doing. It is the goal, the objective that they miss out on, or they get distracted in other temporary fun activities like frequent hangouts with friends, too much use of social media, etc. It is a prominent problem when it comes to the youth. The reason why they feel damped and distressed in the early years of career-building is the lazy attitude full of time-killing activities and tons of distractions they fall prey to. Laziness is a choice.

How to counter Laziness while Studying?

1. Don’t get distracted.

To remain focused and productive, we need to sit in a comfortable environment. That doesn’t mean to lie on your bed and study; that means you should sit in a productive, peaceful, and calm environment to stay concentrated. Your surroundings should never be distinctive and energy-consuming. Keep your room clean and tidy so that you’re motivated to continue what you’re doing.

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    2. Never sleep and study in the same room.

    The room you sleep in is the room that will put you to sleep. Study and sleep do not go hand-in-hand. You definitely need proper sleep so that your mind can function at full capacity, but studying in the same room would pull you down to relaxation and not studies.

    3. Formulate a study plan.

    Come up with smart strategies to break down inactivity. You should study difficult subjects in the morning when the mind is fresh and ready to grasp complicated concepts.

    4. Never postpone plan execution.

    You’ve made a plan; execute it as soon as possible. Do not wait for the right time, date, month, or year to come. Time has once gone, never comes back. Do not waste your time waiting for the right moment. Implement it immediately!

    5. Eliminate distractions.

    Even if it is the window in your room that distracts you, shift to another room. Distractions are the worst enemies of studies. They will lure you to try a thing for once, get a break, but the stakes are high for you to end up wasting a lot of your time and energy on that. You check your phone for something and end up scrolling through social media and chit-chatting with friends. So it is better to switch off the phone, turn the TV off, ask family members or your friends for some privacy, and study. Omitting distractions is the best possible way to remain centered and attentive while studying.

    6. Avoid Laziness while Studying

    Listen to successful people, observe how clear and dedicated they are when it comes to achieving their goals. Find your motivation, and whenever you feel like giving up, remind yourself why you started it in the first place. Motivation will keep you on track. Let your motivation fuel your preparation.

    7. Break the bigger tasks into smaller ones.

    You may not easily come up with a plan to accomplish the bigger task all at once, but you can easily complete the tiny tasks effectively.

    8. Follow your to-do list.

    And finish it off. Never miss on any task that is there on your to-do list. This will help you stay on track by aligning you within the direction to fulfill your day-to-day tasks.

    9. Try juggling subjects to keep your mind refreshed.

    For example, if you’re bored of studying chemistry for two hours, practice mathematics for one hour; this will help you to study two subjects in a re-energized manner.

    10. Promise yourself rewards.

    For example, after studying for two hours, you can draw something or do anything you wish to do for 15 minutes. This way, you’ll be steady and focused on reaching your next reward. Rewards keep you in a win-win situation.

    11. Do not procrastinate.

    Procrastination is a result of laziness, it drives you to delay tasks, and everything is left for the last moment, eventually pushing you into a well of regret and despair.

    Work hard, stay focused, and keep the clutter of distractions away to study better. Remember, you are worth more than falling prey to distractions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I want to achieve the goals that I have set, but I lack persistence. What should I do?

    First, counter the reason for the lack of persistence. Is it because you get distracted easily, or is it because of the lethargic attitude you have? Once you've done your analysis, then come up with an action plan and stick to it, to remain persistent.

    Is it necessary to make a plan? We can also counter laziness by taking more action.

    Yes, you can. But a plan will keep you on track and will help you to review yourself better.

    I am not able to follow the schedule I made for myself. Can you help?

    Prioritize things in your life. Who are you committed to, your friends or your career? If you can answer the question, I think you've got the answer.

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