BlogNCERTHow to make studying chemistry easier and more efficient?

How to make studying chemistry easier and more efficient?

Making studying chemistry efficient

Chemistry is an essential subject if you seek admission into medical or engineering colleges. While some people love to read Chemistry subjects, others dread it. For most of them, Chemistry is a challenging subject. The good news is it does not have to be. Chemistry can be an interesting and fascinating subject with the right approach to studying. This article will discuss some of the strategies and planning that will make studying chemistry nothing but easier.

Chemistry is one subject that is most applicable in our daily lives. The basic concepts like elements, compounds, mixtures, gases, acids and bases, liquids, solutions, etc., are the key to knowing and studying many complicated things. One needs to understand the subject very well.

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    Listed below are some of the tested and proven techniques and strategies that will help you study chemistry efficiently. Apart from making it interesting, they will further enable you to enjoy learning:

    1. Embrace the subject

    The first step or method to learning chemistry efficiently is by embracing it. The subject can seem to be tricky to many. Erase all such negativity from your mind and block the thought of hating the subject. When you do it, you will start enjoying reading Chemistry.

    2. Take smaller steps

    The next technique is to take smaller steps. Make daily routines to read the subject and ensure you are not breaking the cycle. Be it smaller portions, but read the topics regularly and try to master the basics while learning. Appreciate yourself for the progress you are making. This process will help you become a great learner.

    3. Try to understand the basics first

    When learning Chemistry, the essential part is to understand the basics thoroughly. It will further help you in understanding the principles and knowing their application. When you do not make any effort to master the basics, you will find it challenging to understand the advanced topics in the subject. Focus on the basics.

    4. Visualize everything while studying

    Here is an essential tip for you. While reading, try to visualize everything and make sure you have a powerful memory. It will help you make the logic with similar situations and let you deliver your expectations.

    5. Colour coding

    Have you ever tried colour coding? This is an excellent technique to help you remember the stuff. If you want to remember something, the best way to do it is by memorizing what it actually means. You can make use of the internet to learn more about something that you do not understand. It will make you remember things easier and make learning the subject engaging.

    6. Mnemonics

    Using mnemonics is yet another effective way to memorize things better. Instead of taking shortcuts, try making mnemonics to remember the concepts. Sometimes, it may seem irrelevant to you, but it will help you get insights into all the complex questions.

    7. Be organized when studying

    When you are studying, make sure you are organized throughout the process. Do not jump or skip any topics, as they will only complicate things.

    8. Video materials

    While theoretical study helps, learning through video materials will make it even more interesting. If you want to understand the topic better, watch the videos readily available on the internet. The online lectures and experiments will help you diversify your studies.

    9. Join a study group

    Here is the last but most important tip for you. When dealing with complex topics in the subject, make sure you join a study group. It helps you find people who know about the subject and who will help you with the learning. After joining the group, do not forget to read every day and summarize what you have learned.

    Final Thoughts

    The best thing about Chemistry subject is that most concepts are related to each other. When you get the hang of the basics, it will be easier for you to deal with complex topics. What many people do not realize is that Chemistry is a fascinating and exciting subject to read. However, you need to know the right approach to it. Once you do, you will find Chemistry easier to study than other branches of science like Biology and Physics.

    With the tips stated above, you can understand the subject much better and make learning the subject interesting.


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