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Smart Ways to Overcome Obstacles During Self-Study

It’s rightly said that with smart work great aims are achieved. elf-study is the key to being academically excellent, But sometimes self-study would be challenging, one has to face many obstacles to study with full focus. Obstacles might be lack of focus, noise, guests at your house, lack of material, continuous notifications on your smart device which we term as distractions. Distractions in real life can make it arduous to focus. During self-study as there is no one to counsel, as an individual it becomes challenging to study.

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    Decide Whether You’re An Early Bird Or A Night Owl:

    Try studying at night for a week and then in the early morning next week. After studying night and morning both, it will be clear whether you are most focused in the morning or at night.

    Now one can use the most productive time of the day for the most difficult chapters or the chapters that require comprehension skills

    List Down Your Distractions:

    This might sound obvious but it is the most important step. Looking into the matter will make you understand that it is the most difficult thing to do. It is something that can’t be searched on your browser, for this you have to spend time with yourself to know your distractions, for example, the smartphone might distraction for one and can be just a device that is a bag full of a lot of information

    Working On Distractions

    Mobile Phones: mobile phones are the most destructive and most informative thing built on this planet. Social media notifications can resist you from studying. To avoid this kind of distraction one can put their phone on DND. If it is not possible for you to resist using your phone, you can use apps that block your device for desired timing and don’t allow any kind of usage no matter how badly you want it. Another very smart method could be giving your phone to your guardian and Asking them to give it back, at the end of the day.

    Feeling lazy while studying:

    Difficult topics are mostly boring and we tend to sleep rather than study. For avoiding laziness we should not be comfortable while studying like studying on the bed makes you feel lazy and sleepy

    Anxiety: It happens sometimes that you feel anxious. Anxiety reasons could be upcoming board exams, the pressure of being at the top, or just pressure to pass the finals. For dealing with anxiety or perturbation one would try yoga or just normal stomach breathing, which helps to relax and focus on studies with a better mood and great enthusiasm.


    Don’t procrastinate, leaving tasks for tomorrow is a character defect, or thinking about something else rather than studying. To prevent procrastinating, take a diary or just a page and pencil and fill it with all the thoughts inside your head. This technique is super effective and helps to clear your mind and focus it on studies.

    Lack Of Focus:

    Focus is the key to achieving your aim, but being focused for the long run can be tricky. To be focused firstly, you should have a proper area, room to study to avoid any kind of disturbance in the room. One should have a fresh mind while studying and should not feel drowsy.


    Aromatherapy is a new and very effective way that helps to focus on studies. Numerous studies have shown that aroma oils help in reducing stress and increasing concentration. They help in stretching study hours.

    Effective Notes:

    The study does not always have to be boring. Beautiful flashcards, photographic studying, or just simply notes with beautiful pens and highlighters and photos of the topic, make learning very easy and yet effective. Beautiful notes increase comprehension and retaining skills.

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    Nature Study:

    Nature works wonders, besides sunlight and oxygen, studying outside increases calmness and emotional exuberance.

    Maintaining A Proper To-Do List:

    It is very important to keep things and the syllabus segregated. It gives a proper, definite mindset for tackling your upcoming exams and tests. Write down all of the tasks that you are supposed to do in a day and set chronological order by how important it is to do that task on that day. Start your day with a paramount task and do the minor task at the end of the day. one should keep in mind that the to-do list should be the following reality, and setting unrealistic goals only leads to dissatisfaction at the end.

    Spend Time On Yourself:

    It is significant to have proper time in your schedule for your body and your mind, it might be a nature walk or leisure activity that you like or simply exercising can help to relieve all the built-up tension and stress of the all long day.

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    Que 1: Is it necessary to remove social media from your daily routine to have an effective study routine?

    Ans. It completely depends on what kind of person you are. If social media is just a fun time activity in your life, you can easily study with complete focus. But if you fall in the second category of person, social media rather than being a fun activity is an addiction then you have to limit your daily usage or if you are not able to limit your usage, you have to delete your account.

    Que 2: Is socializing important?

    Ans. Humans are social animals so it is important to socialize but while studying it is important to keep yourself away from attending calls from your friends and indulging in family discussions.

    Que 3: Why do I need a strong motivation to study?

    Answer: Studies are most productive only when you have a dream or ambition and internal motivation to achieve that goal, but you should keep in mind that you should not waste time on motivational videos on the internet.

    These were some of the procedures that might help you to deal with the obstacles that you face during self-study. Ultimately, one should not take studies as just a burden over one’s shoulder rather try engaging the mind and make it a fun activity.


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