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How to Write IGNOU Assignment?

Writing an IGNOU assignment effectively to score high marks is a common concern among students of Indira Gandhi National Open University. Submitting the assignment on time is crucial as it is a prerequisite for appearing in the IGNOU exam. The upcoming IGNOU June exam is scheduled from June 1 to July 6, 2024. Given that the assignment accounts for 30% of the total exam weightage, timely submission and quality work are essential.

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    This guide will provide you with all the necessary instructions, including how to download the IGNOU assignment front page PDF. Continue reading to learn how to write an IGNOU assignment that will help you achieve good scores.

    We will cover the step-by-step process, formatting guidelines, and tips for effective presentation to ensure your assignment meets the university’s standards and helps you secure high marks.

    How to Create IGNOU Assignment First Page?

    Creating the first page of your IGNOU assignment is crucial as it provides essential information about the assignment and ensures proper identification and evaluation by the examiner. Here’s a detailed guide on how to create the first page for your IGNOU assignment:

    Required Information for the IGNOU Assignment First Page

    The first page of your IGNOU assignment should include the following details:

    1. Title: “IGNOU Assignment”
    2. Program Code: Mention the code of your program (e.g., BAG, BCA, MEG).
    3. Course Code: The specific code for your course (e.g., BCS-12, BEGLA-136).
    4. Course Title: The title of your course (e.g., Introduction to Programming, English Literature).
    5. Assignment Number: The assignment number/code as mentioned in the question paper (e.g., BCOS-183/TMA/21-22).
    6. Session: The academic session for which the assignment is being submitted (e.g., January 2024).
    7. Student’s Name: Your full name as registered with IGNOU.
    8. Enrollment Number: Your unique enrollment number provided by IGNOU.
    9. Study Centre Code: The code of your study center.
    10. Submission Date: The date when you are submitting the assignment.
    11. Signature: Your signature to authenticate the assignment.
    12. Contact Number: Your phone number for any necessary communication.

    Instructions on IGNOU Assignment Writing Style

    Candidates must thoroughly understand each step before starting their IGNOU assignment to avoid any mistakes. Here are some crucial instructions to keep in mind while writing your assignment. Follow these step-by-step guidelines to ensure your IGNOU assignment is well-prepared and meets all requirements:

    • Handwritten Assignments Only: IGNOU mandates that all assignments must be handwritten. Typed or printed assignments will not be accepted.
    • Paper Size: Use only foolscap or A4-sized paper for writing your assignments.
    • Space for Remarks: Leave one or two lines blank after each response to allow space for the assessor’s feedback.
    • Choice of Paper: IGNOU recommends using ruled paper instead of blank paper to maintain neatness and organization.
    • Pen Choice: Write your assignments using a black or blue pen. Red or other colored pens are not permitted.
    • Handwriting: Ensure your handwriting is clear and legible to facilitate easier reading and evaluation.
    • Avoid Plagiarism: Do not copy answers from other students. Plagiarized content will result in a score of zero and possible rejection of your assignment.
    • Including Questions: While you do not need to include the question paper itself, ensure each question is written out before the corresponding answer.
    • Presentation: Once your assignment is complete, organize and bind the pages neatly in a paper file to ensure it is well-presented.
    • Submission: Submit your assignment to your designated study center. Do not send it to any other IGNOU center, such as the Regional Centre or Evaluation Division.

    Tips on How to Write IGNOU Assignment

    Here are important tips to help you create a well-structured and high-quality assignment:

    1. Understand the Requirements:
      • Thoroughly read the assignment question paper to understand the specific requirements for each question.
      • Clarify any doubts with your study center or peers to ensure you are on the right track.
    2. Gather Resources:
      • Use the IGNOU study material as your primary source.
      • Supplement your answers with additional references such as textbooks, journals, and credible online sources.
    3. Formatting Guidelines:
      • Use A4 size paper with 1-inch margins on all sides.
      • Handwrite your assignment using blue or black ink for clarity and legibility.
      • Include a front page with essential details such as your program code, course code, assignment number, session, name, enrollment number, study center code, submission date, signature, and contact number.
    4. Content Structure:
      • Start each answer with a brief introduction.
      • Use subheadings, bullet points, and diagrams to elaborate on the main points.
      • Conclude each answer with a summary to reinforce the key points.
    5. Presentation:
      • Maintain neatness and consistency throughout the assignment.
      • Number each page and, if required, bind the assignment properly.
      • Leave space for the evaluator’s comments at the end of each answer.
    6. Review and Proofread:
      • Double-check for any spelling, grammatical, or factual errors.
      • Ensure that all questions are comprehensively answered and that the format is consistent.
    7. Timely Submission:
      • Submit your assignment before the deadline to avoid any penalties.
      • Follow the submission guidelines for either online or offline modes, ensuring all details are correctly filled out and the assignment is properly formatted.

    By adhering to these tips, you can create a high-quality IGNOU assignment that meets the university’s standards and helps you achieve good marks.

    IGNOU Assignment Last Date 2024

    For the June Term End Examination (TEE) 2024, the last date to submit your IGNOU assignments is May 31, 2024. This deadline applies to all students enrolled in various programs at IGNOU. Timely submission of assignments is crucial as it accounts for 30% of your total exam marks and is mandatory for eligibility to appear in the term-end exams​.

    How to Submit IGNOU Assignments Offline

    To submit your IGNOU assignments offline, follow these steps:

    • Prepare Your Assignment: Handwrite your responses on A4-sized ruled paper. Include a cover page with your name, enrollment number, course code, study center code, and session.
    • Arrange and Bind: Number the pages and bind them neatly.
    • Visit Study Center: Submit the hard copy of your assignment to your designated study center.
    • Obtain Acknowledgment: Get an acknowledgment slip signed by the coordinator as proof of submission.
    • Keep Copies: Retain a photocopy of your submitted assignment for future reference

    How to Submit IGNOU Assignments Online

    To submit IGNOU assignments online, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the official IGNOU portal and navigate to your regional center’s page.
    2. In the News and Events section, find the assignment submission link.
    3. Click the link to open the submission form, and register with your name, enrollment number, and other necessary details.
    4. Upload the scanned PDF of your assignment, ensuring each document matches the subject code.
    5. Submit the form after verifying all details.

    Alternatively, some regional centers accept assignments via email. Check specific instructions from your regional center.

    FAQs on How to Write IGNOU Assignment

    What is the format of IGNOU assignment?

    The format of an IGNOU assignment includes a front page with details like your name, enrollment number, course code, program code, study center code, and submission date, followed by handwritten responses on A4 size paper with 1-inch margins .

    How do I write my IGNOU assignment?

    Write your IGNOU assignment by hand using blue or black ink on A4 size paper, starting with an introduction, followed by the main content with subheadings, and ending with a conclusion. Ensure neatness and clarity in your handwriting.

    Which pen to use for IGNOU assignment?

    Use a blue or black ballpoint pen to write your IGNOU assignment to ensure clarity and legibility .

    Can I submit IGNOU assignments after the last date?

    Assignments submitted after the last date are generally not accepted. You may have to resubmit them in the next session, but if the submission date is extended, you can submit within the new deadline.

    How do I extend my assignment date?

    To extend your assignment submission date, contact your regional center or study center coordinator to discuss the possibility of an extension and follow their guidance .

    How to submit IGNOU assignment 2024?

    Submit your IGNOU assignment either online through the IGNOU portal or via email, or offline by handing it in at your designated study center. Ensure you follow the specific instructions provided by your regional center .

    Can I submit IGNOU assignments offline?

    Yes, you can submit IGNOU assignments offline by visiting your designated study center and handing in the hard copy of your assignment .

    How to submit an assignment in IGNOU online in 2024?

    Submit your IGNOU assignment online by visiting the IGNOU portal, registering with your details, uploading the scanned PDF of your assignment, and submitting the form. Alternatively, you may submit via email as per regional center instructions .

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