NTSE Cutoff


The National Talent Search Examination (NSTE) Cutoff score is issued with the results by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) for the relevant provinces. Points cut out the minimum marks required for a candidate to be considered for the Phase-II Examination. The NTSE termination school depends on the difficulty level of the exam, the number of students who pass the exam, the final marks for the previous year and much more. Names and numbers of candidates who receive points higher than the minimum term will be added to the merit list.

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    Factors Affecting the NTSE Cutoff Score

    There are several factors that determine the effect of NTSE termination. Some important features are listed below

    • Cut-off points of previous years
    • Number of students who pass the exam
    • The difficulty level of testing
    • Availability of seats

    Phase 1 of NTSE Cutoff 2022

    Between February and May 2022, all provinces and UTs will announce the termination of NTSE 2022 and its results. The determination specifies the minimum number of points a person must pass in order to pass the NTS Stage 1 examination. In the qualifying list, those who meet the cut results can obtain their names, numbers, and other information. Students on the shortlist will be required to take the NTSE phase 2 2022 exam, which will take place on July 12, 2022.

    Highlights of the NTSE Stage 2 Cutoff in 2021

    Stage 2 NTSE 2021 Cutoff will soon be announced by the National Council for Education Research and Training. The NTSE cutoff will be published in PDF format, which can be found on the official website. The NTSE eligibility list is included in the PDF. Candidates can judge last year’s NTSE Cutoff trends before the list is released, to get a view of the termination. Students who plan to receive an NTSE bursary must earn the minimum points required to qualify for the bursary. The NTSE termination will be achieved in PDF format, with the minimum marks required by the applicants for each category in the MAT and SAT papers. Students who obtain the minimum marks required for a Phase 1 examination will be eligible for Phase 2. As they did in the final round, they will be offered a scholarship. Those who cancel the second phase of the NTSE exam will be offered an NTSE bursary.

    NTSE 2021 Cutoff Marks State-wise (Expected)

    State Expected Cutoff
    Delhi 180- 190
    Gujarat 179- 186
    Madhya Pradesh 175- 180
    Odisha 155- 160
    Uttar Pradesh 166- 171
    Punjab 127- 132

    NTSE Reservation Scheme

    Category Reservation
    SC 15%
    OBC 27%
    ST 7.5%
    PWD 4%
    General 46.5%


    What is the reason that despite getting the required marks, I was not selected?

    If they pass the test, candidates will be shortlisted based on the NTSE Cutoff Scores. As a result, it is necessary to obtain the minimum required points for each component to be included in the NTSE Cutoff list.

    What factors are involved in determining the termination of NTSE 2022?

    The authority in charge of the tests respectively calculates the termination of NTSE 2021 based on pre-determined limits such as student numbers, seats available, level of difficulty of assessment, and so on.

    Who will be the first to release phase 2 of the NTSE 2021 Cutoff?

    The NTSE 2021 Cutoff for Phase 2 will be issued by the National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT).

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